National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP)

NREPP ( is a searchable database with up-to-date, reliable information on the scientific basis and practicality of interventions. Users, such as community organizations and state and local officials, can perform custom searches to identify specific interventions based upon desired outcomes, target populations and service settings.

Originally created in the 1990s, NREPP has been redesigned based on extensive input from scientific communities, service providers, expert panels and the public.

Key features of the new NREPP system include:

  • Custom searches based upon desired outcomes, target populations and service settings;
  • Details on each intervention including: a brief descriptive summary, the types of outcomes achieved, the costs of implementing the intervention, and the complete contact information for the intervention developer;
  • Two independent expert ratings for each intervention – the first assessing the quality of research supporting specific intervention outcomes, and the second assessing the availability of implementation and training materials to support adoption of the intervention in routine service settings.

To have an intervention listed in NREPP, the intervention’s developer submits required information about the intervention for expert review. Experts then rate the intervention on the quality of research supporting specific intervention outcomes, and on the availability of implementation resources to translate the scientific findings into routine practice. All NREPP reviewers are recruited, selected, and approved by SAMHSA based on their experience and areas of expertise.

NREPP initially will offer information on 25 interventions that have been examined and rated by experts. With more than 200 additional interventions under review, NREPP is expected to add five to 10 new interventions each month.

As NREPP grows, it will address service needs and gaps in the substance abuse and mental health fields. New interventions may be submitted for review each year in response to an annual Federal Register notice.

NREPP supports SAMHSA’s Science to Service Initiative, which promotes greater adoption in routine clinical and community-based settings of those services that science has demonstrated to be effective in preventing and treating mental and substance use disorders. SAMHSA collaborates with the National Institutes on Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, and Mental Health on this agency-wide effort.

For more information about NREPP ratings, how to use NREPP to identify specific interventions, or how to submit an intervention for review, visit the Web site at; contact NREPP at 1-866-43NREPP (1-866-436-7377); or send an e-mail to .

SAMHSA is a public health agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The agency is responsible for improving the accountability, capacity and effectiveness of the nation’s substance abuse prevention, addictions treatment and mental service delivery systems.